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Breaking News Proves King of Pop is Dead, Long Live The King of Pop

Since the announcement that Sony Music would be releasing a new posthumous Michael Jackson album, simply titled Michael, on December 14, the King of Pop’s family have come out in protest of what they see as profiteering on the part of Sony Music. The most disconcerting revelations came from Jackson’s own children who say that […]

Idolator Once Again Rips Into Perez Hilton ‘Technicolor-Haired Scourge’

I think scourge of the Internet is a more than fitting title for him: Meanwhile, certain technicolor–haired scourges of the Internet out there are continuing their wahhmbulance-chaser’s vendetta against Clarkson, spreading rumors about her being dropped over this whole kerfuffle thanks to committing the cardinal sin of Angering The Clive (even though I thought Clive […]