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Pakistan and Soviet Union Prove Afghanistan Not Vietnam 2.0?

Many critics have posed the U.S. Mission in Afghanistan as U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama‘s Vietnam – a quagmire he cannot win and will ultimately end up marring his legacy along with the reputation of the United States of America, however very few people have come outright to state that Afghanistan may not be Obama’s […]

Gorbachev : In Russian ‘Best Interest to Counter’ Afghan Threats

Former leader of the Soviet Union (and one time Louis Vuitton coverboy), Mikhail Gorbachev published an Op/Ed in the February 04, 2010 issue of the New York Times. In it, Gorbachev details U.S., Soviet and Pakistani involvement in Afghanistan since the 1979 Soviet invasion of the Central Asian nation. The justification Gorbachev attributes to the […]

Gordon Brown’s Opposition : ‘Withdraw Troops on Basis of Success’

David Cameron is the wealthy private school educated leader of the British Conservative Party. Cameron is also considered to be current British Prime Minster Gordon Brown‘s most potent and popular opposition in this year’s elections. Speaking to CNN’s Christiane Amanpour from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Cameron shared his views on a timeline […]

Video : Karmaloop TV Breaks Down Afghan History, INCREDIBLY WELL

Amazing, detailed, informative breakdown of the history of Afghanistan. Oh yea, also the host is hot. “Our lack of attention again allowed the bearded boys from the Dark Ages to re–assert control and give us a real run for our money. Which they’re still doing today.”

Video : Brave New Films Continues to Get Afghanistan WRONG

In yet another installment of their Rethink Afghanistan series, Brave New Films continues to concoct new reasons as to why the United States, in their estimation, should not be in Afghanistan. Unfortunately, throughout the series, BNF has never fully addressed the most important issues in Afghanistan. At the end of the video, Matthew P. Hoh […]