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130,000 Tamils to be Released From Internment Camp

The IDP Camps like the one at Menik Farm have faced several problems including poor preparation, flooding, accusations of internment, and lack of proper medical attention: More than 300,000 people displaced by the fighting between the government and Tamil Tiger rebels were placed in a sprawling, heavily guarded camp called Menik Farm near the northern […]

M.I.A. Still Using Twitter to Support Tamil People

Speaking to Tavis Smiley earlier this year Sri Lankan Hip Hop artist, M.I.A. spoke about her obligation to bring forth the plight of the Tamil people in the Western media. Being the only Tamil in the Western media, I have a really great opportunity to sort of bring forward what‘s going on in Sri Lanka. […]

Bill Gates and Microsoft Endorse President Mahinda Rajapakse of Sri Lanka Without Thinking of Tamil Genocide

Check out how much Gates speaks about the government of Sri Lanka and the commitments of President Mahinda Rajapakse throughout the video. Gates even mentions the fact that Windows Vista is Sinhala enabled. For someone who runs the world’s largest foundation that focuses on humanitarian issues and empowerment, Gates would do a little more research […]

Jan Jananayagam’s Youtube Campaign Video

Jan Jananayagam has made a nearly four minute long campaign video that amounts to two or three short sound bites about genocide, the United Nations, and the right to Tamil self-rule against two music tracks while photos of Tamil protests flash by – basically a Powerpoint presentation:

M.I.A. Campaigns for Jan Jananayagam Online