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Tavis Smiley on Obama, Gaddafi, and War Presidencies

PBS host and author, Tavis Smiley, took to his Twitter account today to put US President Barack Hussein Obama’s belated actions against beleaguered Libyan leader, Muammar Gaddafi into historical perspective. Smiley rightfully poses questions about the outcome of military actions against the African dictator’s brutal regime. Having seen how poorly thought out Western intervention in […]

Video : Bill Maher Attacks Muslim Men’s Treatment of Women With non-Muslim Panel

It seems Bill Maher’s inane, anecdotal, heavy-handed, bigoted, one-sided tirade against religion marches forth. This time, he used the headlines made by the abuse of Lara Logan in Tahrir Square to make a claim that Muslim men by definition treat their women worse than in the West. Following a series of anecdotal accusations and generalizations, […]

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson on Michael Jackson : ‘A Chocolate Genius’ That Evoked Emotions Beyond His Age

Dr. Michael Eric Dyson was recently on PBS’ Tavis Smiley Show where he spoke about the lasting legacy of Michael Joseph Jackson on society, pop music, race, and history in the United States. Dyson makes it clear that by nature of how much harder Michael Jackson had to work as a Black artist in America, […]

Video : Tavis Smiley ‘Long Live The Legacy of Michael Joseph Jackson’

“As long as his music is in us and we revel in his contribution, we celebrate his humanity, his legacy will always live.” New video blog on Michael Jackson‘s legacy [Twitter]

M.I.A.’s Paper Plane Message to Michelle Obama Thwarted

This is precisely why we love M.I.A. so much: MICHELLE OBAMA GAVE A SPEECH AND THERE WAS MAD SECRET SERVICE IN THE AIR SO I DIDNT GET TO THROW A PAPER PLANE AT HER SAYING ” STOP THE BOMBING OF THE TAMILS IN SRI LANKA” Sri Lanka government admits bombing civilian safe haven – Times […]