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Video : King of Pop Lives on Thru A Fine Frenzy and The White Stripes

“An artist that was pretty impactful in pretty much every young musician‘s life. He was an incredible, incredible performer and his songs were amazing“

Everyday [Re -] Create Your History : ‘This Is It’ Review

If there is one thing This Is It teaches the audience about Michael Joseph Jackson it’s that he knew the power of his catalogue. He understood the impact he had on Pop music. Call it hubris, call it a ‘fame monster,’ but no matter what you call it, by the time the credits roll you […]

Video : One Man Michael Jackson Tribute Will Blow You Away

While we all wait for Ms. Jackson’s (’cause we’re nasty) tribute to her brother the King of Pop at Sunday’s VMAs check out this amazing one man band rendition of some of Michael Jackson’s most iconic hits: Michael Jackson remix @ Yahoo! Video

Michael Jackson Dominates iTunes & Amazon Singles and Albums Charts

“Don‘t let no one get you down Keep movin‘ on higher ground Keep flying until You are the king of the hill No force of nature can break Your will to self motivate.”