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Afghanistan Has ALWAYS Been Resource Rich, It’s Policy That Dictates Success

It has recently been reported by both the New York Times and Los Angeles Times that Afghanistan is extremely rich in mineral resources. Though the figure may be larger than previously imagined, the truth is that Afghanistan has many resources to make it self-sufficient. The Arghandab District of Kandahar Province before being over-run with insurgent […]

Video : Shakira on Her Hips ‘If They’re Not Moving This is Not Going Anywhere’

It wasn’t the most insightful interview by any means, but it was interesting to hear how Shakira’s parents put her father’s bankruptcy into perspective by taking her to the park where the glue-sniffing orphans hung out. Also, as a entertainment consuming public we must all thank Ms. Mebarak for coming right out and saying that […]

Iranian Protesters : ‘Tehran Was Our Town Today’

Power to the people: At 4 p.m. the Iranian government broke up an attempted memorial service at a cemetery, but very soon after, tens of thousands of protesters poured into the streets of central Tehran the night of July 30, overwhelming Iran‘s feared security forces. The crowds burned tires, honked horns, waved peace signs and […]

Protesters to Take to Streets of Tehran Tomorrow to Honor Neda Agah Soltan

July 30, 2009, will mark 40 days since the passing of Neda Agah Soltan, the woman who in many ways has become the face of the masses of Iranian people demanding true democracy in their nation. Thousands of Iranians are expected to take to the streets in silent protest of the establishment that killed Neda, […]

Obama on Iran : ‘No Iron Fist is Strong Enough’, Refers to Neda

United States President, Barack Hussein Obama, opened his news conference this morning by addressing the crowds of people marching through the streets of Iran in the aftermath of the nation’s highly contested tenth Presidential election. Among other things, Obama’s remarks referred to the death of Neda Agah Soltan as a symbol of the courage in […]