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Apparently Tea Party Chairman Mark Williams Can’t Tell Hindus and Muslims…OR Terrorists Apart

Chairman of the Tea Party Express, Mark Williams, in a Blog entry entitled: “Savage Islam wants Mosque at Ground Zero – monument to hijackers, 9/11 a ‘positive’ thing,” says that a proposed Mosque near Ground Zero would be: a “monument … for the worship of the terrorists‘ monkey–god and a ‘cultural center‘ to propagandize for […]

Render Unto the ‘Jihadi’ What is The Nazi’s

In an opinion piece for the Washington Times, Marvin Hier and Abraham Cooper argue that the United States should implement a system of catching terrorists that more resembles the methods of the Allied Forces during the Nazi era. According to Hier and Cooper, the best way to keep America safe is to put anyone who […]

Video : Ed Koch, U.S. Should Profile ‘Hundreds of Millions’ of Muslim Terrorists

Former New York City Mayor, Ed Koch was on Fox News today where he declared that ‘the vast majority of Muslims…are not terrorists,” thanks for pointing out the obvious Mayor Koch. Unfortunately, your preface becomes almost useless when you say that there are hundreds of millions of Muslims who want to kill any Christian, Hindu, […]

Jesse Ventura to Elisabeth Hasselbeck : Guantanamo Bay is America’s Hanoi Hilton

Appearing on today’s episode of The View, former Minnesota Governor, Jesse Ventura confronted Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s questions about Nancy Pelosi and the CIA by stating that if the American political system was to go after Nancy Pelosi for lying then so too must the Bush Administration be tried for their lies in regard to the justifications […]

Swastikas and Hearts : The Truth About Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, and Columbine

USA Today’s Greg Toppo analyzes the media spectacle, public condemnations, and misinformation that resulted from the news media’s coverage of the Columbine High School Massacre of 1999. At the heart of the story though is an incredibly sad look at two deeply disturbed young men – lovelorn Dylan Klebold and forlorn Eric Harris: They weren‘t […]