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America Your Head’s Too Big, امریکا ≠ مصر

Steely blue eyes with no love in them, scan the World, And a humourless smile, with no warmth within, greets the world. And I, I have got nothing, to offer you No–no–no–no–no, just this heart deep and true, which you say you don’t need The Morrissey lyric is completed with the line “Because America, Your […]

Dictator Chic, The Gaddafi Look Book

The pictures of Libyan dictator Mummar al Gaddafi on the Al Jazeera English website prove that if nothing else, the Libyan despot has a much more interesting sense of style than fellow beleaguered African dictators deposed by people’s movements, Hosni Mubarak and Zine El Abidine Ben Ali: Remember when Michael Jackson (RIP) was obsessed with […]

Video : 8-Year-Old Saudi Girl’s Message to Mubarak

[blackbirdpie url=”″] History of Emergency Law in Egypt. For the record, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia’s (the man who offered Tunisia’s Ben Ali refuge in Jeddah) statements on the Egyptian protesters: ‘Egypt is a country of Arabism and Islam. No Arab and Muslim human being can bear that some infiltrators, in the name of freedom […]