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Dishonor in the Global Community

Last week a 16 year old girl from Kahta, Turkey was buried alive for allegedly talking to boys. Stories like this have become all too common to desensitized ears. In our world, the announcement of the Apple iPad takes precedence over the millions of honor killings which take place everyday all over the world.  The […]

Video : Hamid Karzai on Farid Zakaria GPS, ‘I’m Known for Consensus’

Hamid Karzai says that all parties involved have had made mistakes over the past 8 years and speaks well about wanting to make the best decisions for a nation in the situation that Afghanistan is in, which are all fairly by the book positions for an unpopular President facing charges of illegitimacy at home and […]

Video : Vali Nasr ‘Jihad is Not Good for Business’

“It’s so interesting that in the Muslim world the middle class is now rising just as we here in the United States have decided to destroy ours…Our idea was, at least with Iraq. Let‘s completely destroy the society and then they‘ll vote and the middle class will spring up from their love of democracy. Is […]

Barack Obama Admits Muslim Family Ties : U.S. Not at War With Islam

Speaking from Ankara Turkey today, United States President, Barack Hussein Obama worked hard to move past the “with us or against us” mentality of the past 8 years of United States foreign policy. Obama even went so far as to acknowledge his Muslim father, something that seemed unthinkable during his historic bid for the presidency: […]

Clash of Civilizations, Imminent?

In January 2005, Senior Analyst for the Rand Corporation, Steven Simon argued that though the initial premise of Samuel Huntington’s theory of The Clash of Civilizations, was flawed in its reliance on a notion of homogenous regional identities recent world events could bring Huntington’s words to life: It is my hypothesis that the fundamental source […]