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Video : Alaa Al Aswany on Riz Khan’s ‘One on One’

In a 2009 episode of his show One on One, “the Oprah of Al Jazeera” (which is selling him short) Riz Khan spoke to the Arab world’s best-selling novelist Alaa Al Aswany. Avid readers of Al Aswany’s works will see some of the ideas about Egyptian society in Al Aswany’s novel in his answers to […]

Video : News Media Shows World What’s Really Important

The Taliban thank you National Enquirer:

Hamid Karzai Continues Trend of Criticizing Wrong U.S. Admin.

To say that Hamid Karzai’s recent criticisms of the Obama Administration is frustrating would be an under-statement. Karzai says that Afghanistan has not received commitments promised from the United States, but much of the blame for that can be placed upon Karzai for not pressuring the Bush Administration for the past 8 years to live […]

Vivienne Westwood : Climate Change Advocate

Fashion designer Vivienne Westwood recently appeared on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross on the BBC espoused wisdom that seemed to completely counter the stereotype of the famous fashion designer. Along with encouraging people to create their own clothing and wear them until they fall off their bodies, rather than mindless conspicuous consumption which has left […]

The Greatest Hits and Minor Misses of Obama’s Cairo Speech

There were a lot of expectations for the speech United States President Barack Hussein Obama gave at Cairo University on the morning of June 04, 2009 and with a few points of diction aside, he hit all the points he needed to and then some. As for the missed opportunities, Obama never once mentioned the […]