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Why Dr. Ashraf Ghani Was Best Person to Organize Kabul Conference

Ashraf Ghani, one of the main organizers of the conference, told the media he wants Kabul to have more control over aid dollars Kabul conference: Can Karzai take the reins? [Global Post] As U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama and Afghan President Hamid Karzai are said to have been at odds for some time now, and […]

Despite MANY Problems in Afghanistan, Peace Jirga Declaration Condemns Israel

As if the actual people of Afghanistan (not sure how the warlords in attendance are fairing) did not have their own problems with 30 years of on-going war, election fraud, illiteracy, bribery on a mass scale, and poverty, the final declaration of this week’s Peace Jirga at Kabul Polytechnic University condemns Israel for the raid […]

Ahmad Wali Karzai Speaks at Peace Jirga : Defends Hamid, Own Reputation

Ahmad Wali Karzai, controversial brother of Afghan President, Hamid Karzai took the podium at the second day of Afghanistan’s Peace Jirga in Kabul today. The man who has recently responded to accusations of being the ‘King of Kandahar‘ by likening himself to an Afghan Nancy Pelosi, minimized the power of Taliban while speaking in support […]

Mr. Obama Comes to Kabul

As his approval rating for handling an eight-year old war he inherited increased by eight points, United States President Barack Hussein Obama made a secret trip to Kabul on Sunday. Alongside Afghan President Hamid Karzai, who only received an hour’s notice of Obama’s visit, Obama was set to meet with Gen. Stanley McChrystal, top U.S. military […]

What Are the Dutch Doing in Afghanistan That U.S. Isn’t?

The Netherlands are slated to withdraw forces from Afghanistan at the end of 2010. This possibility has many in the international community, especially Canada, worried about the void a Dutch withdrawal would leave in the volatile Orūzgān province. The Dutch currently head up most of the activities of the Task Force Uruzgan, one of four […]