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AFL-CIO President Calls for Immigration Reform on Same Day as Mint’s Racist Blog Post

Speaking at the at the City Club of Cleveland, AFL-CIO President, Richard L. Trumka spoke about the importance of immigration reform in the United States. Trumpka, who does not support a guest worker program, reminded the people of Cleveland that the executives of corporations – large and small – were the ones taking away the […]

Video : Dr. Cornel West to Obama “You Have to Have Backbone”

In his video note to United States President Barack Hussein Obama, Princeton Professor, Dr. Cornel West asks Obama about his commitment to the American people struggling under the yoke of a flailing economy. To Dr. West, progress in America is a question of priorities and whether Obama is more concerned with consensus and compromise than […]

Video : Daily Show on John McCain’s ‘Internet Freedom Act of 2009’

Here is McCain’s statement on the Internet Freedom Act of 2009: “Today I’m pleased to introduce the Internet Freedom Act of 2009 that will keep the Internet free from government control and regulation,” McCain said. “It will allow for continued innovation that will in turn create more high–paying jobs for the millions of Americans who […]

Video : John Legend on Anderson Cooper 360 ‘The Opponents of the President’s Agenda WANT This to be a Race War’

I agree with John Legend and Roland Martin that this a tactic used by Obama’s opponents to derail the real issues at hand and to de-legitimize Obama – the mixed-race American man with a Kenyan Muslim father – is the rightful heir to the white man’s Presidential throne in America. I also agree with John […] Points to Other Factors That SHOULD Lead to a New Revolution in Iran

Though Slate is not entirely sold on the notion that the aftermath of the highly contested tenth presidential election in Iran will lead to a revolution, or even that Twitter has proven to be an accurate source of hard facts from the streets of Iran, they do a good job at summing up the exact […]