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2 Cents on Bacha Bazi

In writing about bacha bazi and how it fits into the on-going East-West dynamic of Human Rights discourse I came to a conclusion (after facing a lot of frustration with much of the Eurocentric and Orientalist verbiage in a lot of the writing about the controversial subject). Namely that as with any predatory or exploitative […]

U.N. Report : Afghanistan Worst Nation to be Born In

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has indicated Afghanistan as the worst nation for a child to be born in, in their annual The State of the World’s Children report. Even after an 8 year presence of United States and NATO troops, Afghan children still face high risk of otherwise eradicated diseases, lack of access […]

South Asian Hunger at 40 Year High Due to Economic and Defense Crises

Hopefully these figures will add some weight to Richard Holbrooke‘s testimony in front of the House Foreign Relations Committee where he called for the United States to make as much of an economic and social development investment in Pakistan as the United States currently is in terms of defense: The report by the UN children’s […]