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The Greatest Hits [And Misses] of ‘The Great Game : Afghanistan’

The Washington City Paper calls Tricycle Theatre’s production of The Great Game : Afghanistan “cynical” with an “uneven” result, but what reviewer Tracey Graham seems to miss is that this is a largely faithful retelling of the story of conflict in Afghanistan (if not its culture). Cynicism and confusion, are unfortunately, central parts of that […]

Video : Karmaloop TV Breaks Down Afghan History, INCREDIBLY WELL

Amazing, detailed, informative breakdown of the history of Afghanistan. Oh yea, also the host is hot. “Our lack of attention again allowed the bearded boys from the Dark Ages to re–assert control and give us a real run for our money. Which they’re still doing today.”

Saad Mohseni Tweets on Obama Afghanistan Address

Founder of the Moby Media Group, the media company behind Afghan Star and Tolo TV (without a doubt the best of the Afghan Satellite Television stations), Saad Mohseni, took to his Twitter profile tonight to respond to Barack Obama’s Afghanistan address. Below is Mohseni’s Twitter feed from tonight. Like us, Mohseni is fearful of the […]

The Greatest Hits and Misses of Obama’s Afghanistan Address

Speaking at The United States Military Academy at West Point, U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama finally addressed the American people to provide a clear explanation for the United States’ efforts in Afghanistan. Obama also made it a point to remind the American people exactly why the United States is still in Afghanistan 8 years after […]

Video : Ron Paul Al Qaeda ‘Visited Afghanistan’

Though Governor Paul is correct in asserting that the United States has supported puppet governments throughout the Arab and “Muslim world,” however, he seems to be grasping at anything to support his argument. First off, Governor, the United States did have a very specific reason for going into Afghanistan: Al Qaeda and the Taliban were […]