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Video : Live Phone Call from Tahrir to Washington DC Protesters

Feb 1 Protests Outside Embassy of Egypt, Washington

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Video : Hamid Karzai on Farid Zakaria GPS, ‘I’m Known for Consensus’

Hamid Karzai says that all parties involved have had made mistakes over the past 8 years and speaks well about wanting to make the best decisions for a nation in the situation that Afghanistan is in, which are all fairly by the book positions for an unpopular President facing charges of illegitimacy at home and […]

Dr. Abdullah Abdullah Comments on Joining Karzai Administration, Makes Demands of Run-off

With not much time until the November 07 run-off, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah has already begun speaking about the logistics of the run-off and chances of him once again serving under a Karzai Administration, should the President be officially re-elected in a legitimate, fair, and transparent election: He won’t join Karzai’s government if the incumbent wins […]

Transcript of Christiane Amanpour’s Interview With Dr. Abdullah Abdullah on Runoff

In absence of the video of this interview, I located the transcript from last night’s interview between CNN’s Christiane Amanpour and Dr. Abdullah Abdullah. Perhaps I am looking too much into it, but notice how much Dr. Abdullah referred to ‘change’ in his statements about his vision for Afghanistan. I don’t think it is necessarily […]