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2010 Grammy Nominatons, Less Old And Less Interesting Than ’09

Last year’s Grammy nominations seemed to be a step in a direction more reflective of the Pop zeitgeist (don’t believe us, check out what Pitchfork had to say) but was ultimately plagued by the presence of Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. This year, for the first time in seemingly forever, the Grammy nominations are not […]

Ahmir Make You Say Day 20 Who?

There is shortage of cover artists on Youtube, in fact, you can probably find several versions of any of your favorite pop songs by artists around the world on the site. Every now and then however, an act comes along that brings raw emotion and new insight into the world’s biggest pop songs and Ahmir […]

Tommie Sunshine is Genius

Remixes have always had their detractors, but the fact that Tommie Sunshine named his Remix to the comeback single of one of the biggest pop stars in America, who at once represents everything that is wrong with American mass market consumerism AND a fame obsessed media “Tommie Sunshine‘s ‘Holy Shit, the Economy Is Fucked’ Re-dub” […]

Swagger on a hundred, thousand, trillion

The future of the album may be questionable, but as Yahoo! is reporting, the single is still very much alive: The song‘s 95-spot jump to No. 1 is the biggest in Billboard history and marks the third time the record‘s been broken in the past seven weeks. T.I.’s “Live Your Life” made a 79-spot jump […]