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Pop Justice : Punch Chris Brown not Leona Lewis

Pop Justice is taking to the defense of poor, Leona Lewis – who Idolator called ‘excessively inoffensive‘ – and asking its readers to be nice to a pop star today. Of course, if you can’t be nice at least pick a target worth punching like a certain techni–colored internet scourge (again, Idolator‘s brilliant words) or […]

Video : Behrouz Ghaemi is EXACTLY What I Think of When an Iranian Insists on Being Called ‘Persian’

Note Behrouz, “Persia” hasn’t existed in quite sometime and when it did it was much more than Iran. An empire is much bigger than a single nation. As for his attitude, it’s just that, he thinks he has swagger but its all just attitude – an annoying one at that. There’s a fine line between […]