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Keri Hilson Hops on 90s Revival Wave With ‘I Like’

It seems like since The Way I Are Keri Hilson was forced on to the public whether we liked it or not. Until now, only Alienated, which stands out as one of the best R&B songs of the past five years, was worthy of the attention Hilson has been given. Luckily for Miss Keri Baby […]

Shakira Makes a Faustian Bargain With T-Pain

Shakira has said that She Wolf is all about someone grabbing on to what they want with fangs and claws, but somehow the presence of T-Pain’s autotuned voice on this otherwise pretty good remix of the single destroys all of that in a bid to extend the single’s chart life. T-Pain’s reworking of the original’s […]

The Makings of a King : Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough (Original Demo Recording From 1978)

Much has been said about the creative process of Michael Jackson and how it contributed to his musical genius. This original demo of Off The Wall‘s Don‘t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough is the closest we will get to being in the recording studio with the Once and Future King of Pop. From the very […]

PS22 Chorus Possibly Most Charismatic Kids Ever to Cover Lady GaGa

The kids of the PS22 chorus covered BNW’s Song of the Year for 2008, Just Dance, invigorating the song with a whole new charisma and charm: Download the MP3 here.

K’Naan Takes CuDi’s Day ‘N Nite From Stoners to Pirates

Preserving the sadness that CuDi said was most evident in Little Boots‘ cover K’Naan takes CuDi’s laments of a lonely stoner and turns it into Dayless Nite, about “