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Five reasons this US military leaflet is ‘highly offensive’

Early Wednesday morning, Resolute Support, the US-led coalition in Afghanistan, issued a public apology for dropping a leaflet containing “an image highly offensive to both Muslims and the religion of Islam” over the northern province of Parwan a night prior. Referring to the leaflet, Major General James Linder, who heads the US and NATO special-operations…

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But Still I Raise the Flag: On Afghan Independence

I originally wrote this in 2013 for the now defunct Aslan Media, I took out the beginning because this year, there really are flags everywhere and a sense of pride and celebration, even in Kabul, but the questions still stand. For the last week, the streets of Kabul have been adorned with symbols of Afghan…

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The ‘misery’ of Istanbul’s Afghan refugees

Istanbul – Six young refugees, all from Afghanistan’s east and south, are gathered in a cramped, makeshift room to shield themselves from the winter’s cold. Only a few metres from the three bunk beds is a wood-burning stove, meant to warm the room from the rain and snow that has seeped through the glassless openings…

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